What to do with all that cash?

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What to do with all that cash?

Corporate balance sheets around the world are holding an all-time high $6.84T in cash and short-term investments. That’s 45% higher than the 5-year (pre-pandemic) average. Forecasts estimate that US firms will spend around $2.8T on capital expenditures, mergers, and other investments by the end of the year. They’ve also bought back more stock through July than in any year since 2000 (except 2018) at more than $680B.

Some expect spending will decline this quarter, like JPMorgan, who predicts a 5.8% drop despite companies generating more cash than expected (earnings surprises). Other investors are betting that companies will go brrrrrrr in the form of share buybacks, debt reduction, acquisitions, and dividends.

GRIT’S TAKE: What companies will do with their cash is going to come down to what kind of business they’re in. Restaurants, airlines, and cruises, for example, are likely to keep liquidity high on Delta fears. Others like Tyson Foods, Newell (consumer products), Morgan Stanley, and Constellation (alcohol) have already pledged to boost spending.

GRIT’S ACTION: Stay invested.


IPO: Green Bitcoin mining

One of the biggest knocks on crypto is the amount of energy it consumes. We saw how Elon reacted when he “found out” about the increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining, for example. Then China took extreme measures with severe crackdowns that led to the “great mining migration.”

Iris Energy is a Sydney-based Bitcoin miner that uses renewable energy exclusively to produce the OG crypto. Iris’ plan is to establish its computer firepower in energy markets where there is a surplus of energy (and prices are low), then switch off operations and glide as prices peak.

The company had previously explored going the SPAC route, but decided not to (probably dodged a bullet there). This week, they filed for a direct listing on the NASDAQ and expect to debut sometime in the 4th quarter.

GRIT’S TAKE: This space is still very young, but it’s growing fast. The 3 largest publicly traded miners combine for nearly $7B in market cap: Marathon Digital Holdings (US), Riot Blockchain (US), and HIVE Blockchain (Canada).

GRIT’S ACTION: Long Bitcoin (and carbon credits) and looking for an entry point on Ethereum.


The unstoppable force meets the immovable object

On Monday, regulatory filings showed that Michael Burry’s (think The Big Short) Scion Management had a roughly $30M bet against Wall Street Queen Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation ETF.

Wood responded by politely calling Burry a Boomer:

“I do not believe that he understands the fundamentals that are creating explosive growth and investment opportunities in the innovation space.”

While everyone else is zigging with concerns about rising prices, “Cathie BAE” is zagging, expecting deflation (especially in commodities and materials) to catapult innovation trends. Her timeframe remains a mystery.

So does Burry’s, for that matter — we don’t know if he is up or down on his position, or if he’s still holding the contracts at all.

GRIT’S TAKE:  But we know that he wasn’t the only one betting that innovation stocks are overvalued. Scion reported 235.5k put contracts on ARK, but there are 4 hedge funds with bigger positions totalling nearly 4 million contracts.

GRIT’S ACTION: Long Cathie. Short the Big Shorter.


Carbon is the new oil

KraneShares Global Carbon ETF (KRBN) is just over a year old and has grown over 70% since its inception thanks to a boom in carbon credits. Credits are tradeable permits that allow companies to emit carbon dioxide. Businesses can trade permits to meet emissions requirements.

Over time as credits are swapped, prices will increase, forcing businesses to invest in reducing emissions over purchasing credits. At least that’s the goal, which seems to be working thus far. KRBN has $579MM in assets and holds the most traded futures contracts on major markets in the US and Europe.

GRIT’S TAKE: GRIT subscribers know how I feel about carbon: it’s the future.

GRIT’S ACTION: I am up 15x on one of my private carbon deals that just went public, and I’ve just invested in a new one. Subscribe for the inside info!


If you haven’t launched an NFT yet, are you even trying?

The NFT market has been red hot throughout August — on Monday, OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, surpassed $1B in trading volume for the month. And it’s not just sales volume that's rising, the number of unique buyers is climbing which means more investors are willing to dip their toes into the niche market of non-fungible penguins and rocks!

We’re also seeing tons of athletes, celebrities, and companies flooding the market to get a piece of the action: Wayne GretzkyTom BradySteve AokiLogan PaulCoca Cola, Pringles, Dunkaroos, Charmin â€” the list goes on.

GRIT’S ACTION: The “floor price” concept is interesting here — it refers to the lowest-priced NFT available within a collection. It may be artificial (i.e. there’s no guarantee that the value won’t drop below that price), but it creates a mental floor for buyers. Plus, we’re talking about multi-million dollar JPEGs here, so throw traditional/rational thinking out the window!

GRIT’S TAKE: Our iconic GRIT NFT recently sold to a collector with +$370k worth of MOONCATS ;)

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